My Choice For The Top Five Camps In Kruger National Park

Are you looking for a great vacation adventure? Kruger National Park in South Africa could be a perfect choice. One of the biggest game reserves in Africa, Kruger encompasses more than 19,000 square kilometers and is located in both Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. The park is 360 kilometers long and 65 kilometers wide. The park contains land first protected by the government in 1989. The park was designated as the first national park in South Africa in 1926. The park is also one of the world’s largest national parks and is a very popular tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world.

There are many activities for visitors to enjoy, including walking the bush, going on a photography safari and viewing the wildlife. There are also several options for lodging and accommodations. The beset known gateway for the park is through Nelspruit. Visitors often stay for just a day, while others are a bit more adventurous and decide to stay at one of the great camps located within Kruger National park. While all of the camps offer the basic amenities, there are five which are particularly nice.


The closest park entrance to Nelspruit is Malelane gate. Located close to this entranc is Skukuza, the largest camp in the park. This camp offers several types of accommodations. Visitors can choose a humble tent or a lovely bungalow located by the river. The camp also has restaurants, a golf course, and an Internet cafe. Staying at Skukuza helps visitors enjoy a bit of civilization in the middle of the African wilderness.

Punda Maria

This camp is located in the northernmost part of Kruger Park. Visitors are treated to an extensive variety of flora. In fact, there are so many unique plants that this part of the park is known as Kruger Park’s botanical garden. This park is also known for its many birds and is visited annually by many birdwatchers.


This is another of the primary camps and is also along the main road. This camp is located on some of the most fertile grazing lands in the park. This attracts a lot of wildlife and visitors often see leopards, lions, cheetahs and many antelope. This camp is still pretty civilized and even includes a small grocery store.


This camp is located on the eastern side of the park and off the main road. The camp is a bit more luxurious than the other bush camps and is located on the side of a hill. Visitors can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Olifants River and the bushveld.


This rest camp is located in the north part of the park and can be reached via either the main road or the gravel road. This camp features caravans and tents for visitors, along with a few guest houses. The camp sits where the Letaba River bends and is a prime spot for elephant and bird watching. There are nice gardens in the camp where tame bushback wander among the plants.

These are my top five favorite camps in Kruger National Park. They offer visitors many different options for activities and all offer good accommodations. Each camp has special characteristics, including unique flora, many visits from wildlife, and gorgeous scenery.

There are several other camps in the park. Most of these are smaller and more like bush camps. Visitors experience many different things in these camps and the conditions are certainly less luxurious than in my top five camps. Tamboti, Mopani, Balule, Shingwedzi, and Bataleur are all good choices for lodging and allow visitors to see other parts of the park.

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